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Answer the door with your smart phone from anywhere, and communicate with guests at the door through our simple doorbell camera system.

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The Wi-Fi enabled smart doorbell provides advanced video analytics to alert homeowners to approaching visitors and customized notifications sent to your mobile device.

Visitor Detection

You have caller ID for your phone, why not have it for your home? Receive notice and live video feed when someone rings your doorbell.

Night Vision Capabilities

Infrared technologies and 180-degree camera view provide crystal-clear video, day or night.

Have A 2-Way Conversation

A two-way voice feature allows homeowners to speak directly with visitors through the 2-way mic. Answer from anywhere and visitors never know you are not home.

See Who‘s At The Door Even While You’re Away

The discreet yet stylish doorbell camera starts recording as soon as a visitor comes within range. As soon as the visitor rings the doorbell the homeowner receives a live video feed through a smartphone app. Users can browse video history minute by minute and always know who has been to their door or when that special package was dropped off.


Doorbell cameras can be part of a complete security system. Call Velocity today to find out more about customizing a Smart Security System.

Personal Cloud Storage For Every Video Clip

The best of local storage and the cloud all rolled into one. With 1 terabyte of storage at your disposal, you will have enough room to store almost a month of continuous feed on all your cameras’ video surveillance. You can also use it as an external hard drive to protect personal photos, documents, etc . Since the drive keeps both a local copy and a one in the cloud, you can access your data from anywhere.

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