Have you ever forgotten to lock your door? While it can be an easy mistake, leaving doors unlocked can have detrimental consequences. until recently, I had no idea that a simple technology could eliminate the risk of leaving our door unlocked.  Electronic door locks solve this issue.

Welcoming a new baby to your home is a wonderful time, but have you started to think about babyproofing your home? Before you bring your new bundle of joy home, think about using smart technology to improve your babyproofing.

Security Cameras

Have you given any thought to baby proofing now that your new baby is home?

To keep an eye on your baby while they’re asleep, add a security camera to their bedroom or nursery. If you hired a nanny to care for your child, think about concealing the security camera in an area that’ll let you check on her when you’re not at home.

Door and Window Alarms

Baby proofing your home will help keep your baby safe.

Even before your child is mobile, a door alarm will alert you whenever someone goes into or out of your baby’s room. A window alarm is especially necessary if your baby’s room is on the ground floor.

Have a medicine or chemical cabinet under the sink not for kids? Put an alarm on it to notify you right away if someone was to break the “lock” you’ve put on it. It’s amazing how smart kids are. Don’t be caught by surprise.

Pool Alarm

It’s very important you install an alarm on the door that leads to your pool if your home has a pool. That way, you’ll receive an alert if your baby finds his way to the swimming area. You should also install a pool alarm, which monitors the waves in your pool and will alert you if they detect motion in the water– whether it’s your child or your pet.

pool door alarm

Smart Medication Timers

Consider using a smart medication timer if someone in your home uses medication or you need to give your baby medicine. It locks the medication until a specified time, at which point it’ll release the lock and send you an alert to your smartphone. This will prevent your child from getting into your medication and stop you from accidentally giving your baby the same dose twice.

Door sensors, indoor cameras, and smart locks all help to make your baby and your home safer, giving you an added piece of mind at the same time. No mater your child’s age, keeping them safe and secure is your number one priority. Utilize these smart tools to help make your job easier.

Of course, even after you consider your technology needs, it’s still important to take care of traditional babyproofing tasks such as adding door latches, installing corner protectors for sharp table edges and tying cords up and out of the way. You’ll have more time to spend reading your baby bedtime stories every night once these are taken care of.

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Electronic door locks are extremely practical for busy, modern lifestyles. this feature of the Velocity Smart Home system allows you to remotely lock and unlock your doors in a way that’s most convenient for you. There are numerous ways to use electronic door locks, whether using the keypad in person, the automation app or you can even program doors to lock and unlock automatically every time you arm and disarm your system!

Another perk of electronic door locks is being able to leave and enter your home without keys. I love that when I walk our dog, I don’t need to carry around a bulky keychain! I can travel live and light simply.

Perhaps the best part is that you can lock and unlock your doors from any remote location with a tablet, computer, or smartphone. Whether you need to let the kids in after school or let a neighbor stop by, this is quite useful.

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